And Then There Was Light...


Well, here's the first update of many, I hope. I've been working on this site for about a month now with little to show for it. There's a lot of little stuff I'd like to add but that takes a lot of time--a luxury I don't have at the moment. I'll spend this brief All Hallows Eve update informing you of what's been going on since I last saw many of you in August.

First, I changed my major from mechanical to aeronautical engineering. The aeronautical field (having to do with flight dynamics, theory, and design, etc.) has much more that interests me than straight mechanical, despite the similarities in their programs. I'll be emulating a lot of what Ross does on his site (link), so I'll be posting a class schedule at some point. What you (don't) need to know: there's a lot of math.

I know I had told some of my friends that I had been considering leaving Clarkson to pursue film school. After a LOT of indecision and debate, I decided against it. As much as it was an intriguing and exciting option, I made the choice that I think I will be happier with in the long run. Call me cynical, but I think that, in terms of security and growth, engineering is a better choice. I will always be strongly inclined to be interested in film and the like, but I no longer view it as a career path--more of a hobby. Anyway, I'm looking forward to get more into my major this coming semester (Spring '01), and I'll speak more to that in future updates.

I also joined a fraternity recently at Clarkson, Tau Delta Kappa. That's right, the apparent class angel (see '98 yearbook) joined a fraternity. But, judging by the reactions I've received from a number of my friends, please allay your fears. The stereotypical image of a fraternity seems to be nonstop boozefests punctuated by random acts of destructive chaos. There could be nothing further from the truth. While everyone enjoys a little destructive chaos every now and then (admit it), a fraternity (this one, anyway) is a lot more. I don't want to get into it too much in-depth here, but I'd be happy to discuss it at your leisure. At the risk of sounding a bit corny, I'll just say that pledging a fraternity (specifically TDK) is about becoming part of something larger and thereby shaping one's character. I consider myself a better person for being part of TDK, and I hope YOU know me well enough to understand and respect that. Anyway...

My beloved Heat Lightning (1985 Toyota Camry) is still in operation, though not here at Clarkson. She sits in the garage, waiting in the dark, for me to return to East Aurora and rev new life into her 15-year old engine. (actually, I think I want a new car, but I'm stuck with that white P.O.S. until that time) You all may of heard of the untimely demise of Calamity Jane, Ross' cherished Toyota. I hope I can squeeze a few more months out of ole' Heat Lightning to carry on the tradition of shitbox Toyotas (195K miles and counting...). Rest in peace, Calamity.

I'll be home for Thanksgiving, tentatively arriving in E.A. on the 18th or the 21st (depends on class schedules). I hope to see everyone there; football as always and whatever else is going on. I also sincerely hope that everyone is doing well; I have not heard from some of you for a long time, that is partly my fault for not staying in touch. I'll do my best to change that. Regardless, see you guys then. Dan, make sure you sit on that donut.

I think that'll do it for now, thanks for reading.