"A man once told me he had four wives, and then I said
'but what about the ferret?'"


Well, it's been a fun-filled interval between my last update and now. Would you like to hear about it?
Well fine then, leave now.

For those of you who would like to hear my relation of the tale of Cookies McGee, that's
privileged information so, sorry, no dice. No, really, it's better if you don't know. Anyway...

Amidst the nonstop excitement at Tops, a certain someone turned 21. (if for some reason you're reading
this JV, happy birthday once again). Thus, a bunch of us went down and had some of Buffalo's
finest ales. (translation: wild, drunken chaos) A good time was had by all, although I was ready
to sleep in a parking garage when we thought our ride had left. It turns out we
were on the wrong level, uh-huh.

Speaking of Tops/work, I am once again working with my (half-) brother at his engineering firm in
Buffalo. (having a Vice President for a brother has its bonuses) So I'll be supplementing my recently
augmented Tops salary with a wizbanging 9.50 an hour at Seneca Design. I'll be traveling all across
Western New York attaching steel boxes to some black tubes and throwing them across the road. (actually
they're traffic counters, and I have to use a sweet nail gun--like in Lethal Weapon 2!)

School is also right around the corner, time flies when you're not having fun and working. I go back around
August 21st for work week at TDK, with classes starting the following week. Woo jimmy!
So, if you're in urgent need of a my far-reaching wisdom and power, better make an appointment soon!

I think that's a fine update for now...later, Billy!