Obey Your Thirst


Well, at long last, here I am with an update for all of my faithful readers....all (insert
insanely small or insanely large number here) of them.  In addition, I've finally got
the Question of the WeekŪ working, so go nuts with that.  (and by "go nuts," I do
not mean send me eight hundred answers...Ross, I'm looking in your direction)

Unfortunately, I'm a bit lacking in inspiration right now so don't expect a frickin' novel. 
I'm busy as shit, yet still find time to waste on PS2, that thing's gonna be the death of
me (or my GPA). 

Anyway, things are good on the whole.  I've been taking a buncha classes in aerodynamics,
aircraft performance, aircraft structures, and an economics class.  They all suck, but their
degree of suck pales in comparison to the suckfest that is AE340: Aeronautical Engineering
Lab.  Imagine a mangy dog with fleas.  Got it?  Now imagine that dog humping a llama, and
you know what aero lab is like.  (if you understood that, God help you)  We basically spend
three and a half hours waiting for our professor to get the lab ready, only to have him tell
us it won't work and he'll email us data from eight years ago instead.  Ah, yes.

Things at the house are good, for those of you not in the know (sucks for you), I became
President (or El Duque, as I like to be called) of the house this past semester.  That keeps
me busy enough without having schoolwork to do, but I'm enjoying it on the whole.  The
potato gun is now operational, I'm happy to report, some nearby kayakers were nearly
decapitated.  Heh heh, nonstop fun at TDK!  Woo.

As for this summer, I said f off to Tops, so I can make more money painting houses. 
However, I got a call today from Moog, so it looks like Wolfpack Toft came through
and I'll probably be working in the Aircraft Controls division in EA this summer.  The
rest 'a you guys gotta get real jobs though, eh?  That sucks.  I'll think of you while I'm
trying to figure ways to use chemical elements as laxatives (inside joke...).

That does it for now, until next time, keep the ducks out of the hamper.

Jim(my) Bones