The IRS Can Suck It


Well, it's tax time. Well, enough about that.

The weather has finally changed for the better up here on the northern edge of the eighth circle of hell (the eighth circle being St. Lawrence County). The change in the weather for better seems to have a positive effect on my temperament, I'm happy to say. (get it? normally, I would say "I'm not happy to say", but since the weather is good, I'm happy!) The good weather also means it's time to start fixing up the frathouse. So far, I think someone raked.....

Classes good. Projects done. Papers and exams to come.

No summer job yet (not counting the paradise that is Tops Friendly Markets™), but pursuing leads in Ft. Walton, Florida and with Moog (Mr. Toft's gonna hook me up). I want big cash.

Some of you may have noticed the picture and strange caption that I've put up on the Enter page. Just do what the caption says and go from there. (note: you'll be pulled into a web of intrigue the likes of which you've never seen....I think I may be overselling it, but I and the few I've introduced to this "mystery" have found it "neat-o"). I'll give you all another hint:

(at this point, the author of this page tried to come with a clever word puzzle that would spell out what to do next. He failed.)

Uh, nevermind.

The email page has been updated, but I need more info from YOU if you want it to be correct. Otherwise your major is going to be Llama Waste Management.

Hm, what else....oh yeah, Evan Chan was murdered.....but by who?

Have you ever heard of Bangalore World University?

How about Jeanine Salla?

Watch This First

That should be enough to tide you over.

Dos vadanya.