It Be Spring!


Hey folks, I'm back again after a nice break from this infernal page. No, truthfully, there is nothing that gives me more satisfaction than doing this page.


Spring is finally here, and it looks like the snow is melting slowly. The weather here has been getting steadily better and it makes for a better mood as well. I also just got back from our Spring break (3/12-3/16) over which I pretty much just worked at Tops. Work sucks. I'm holding out hope that I win the lottery or a long-lost wealthy family member dies so that I can quit work altogether and just hang out in my 80,000 sq. ft. house. But anyway, it was good to see (and talk to at 5am an ocean away) some of you over break. It was a bit reminiscent of Shenanigans @ Dan's, but without the pennies.

My job search looks like it has landed me in Syracuse for the summer, working as an intern for Lockheed Martin. This is by no means definite, I still have to go in for an interview in a few weeks and what I end up doing hinges on how well that goes. Wish me luck. I'll be back in E.A. for a week or two in May, drop me a line then. I'm sure most of you will be busy working as well. Time flies, eh? No more summers that consist of lighting silos on fire and shooting paintballs at the heads of defenseless people (JCJ, I'm looking in your direction). Ah, the good old days.

I've updated some of the e-mail episodes and the address list for the EA people, if you so desire, send me the necessary information for this page.

That does it for now, keep reaching for those stars (by stars I mean the economy size stewed tomatos on the top of the frozen aisle).