Hey, I Know You!


Howdy! I've been working on the site sporadically here and there whenever I get the chance. So, updates will be frequent but also quite random--your only possible solution to this randomness is to check the site four times a day to look for updates. I'd expect nothing less from my loyal browsers.

I'm currently looking into getting a cgi script not only for the Question of the Week answer entries but also for the EA Gang e-mail page so that everyone can enter whatever information they'd like on the page. That way, I don't have to worry about publishing information that you guys don't want on the 'net. I've got a list of names up there right now, if you don't want any info up, email me.

I got to see Ross, Dan, Jackattack, and Adam over break; good to see you guys. We didn't do much, but saw Ross' and Adam's place at UB. I'm sorry to say that their apartment was seized by the Republic of Japan a short time ago. Ross and Adam are now held captive by various Japanese Seizure War Robots. Please send donations to me in lieu of flowers. Domo aregato!

Anyone see Hannibal? Good flick. Don't make dinner plans for after, though.

Time to eat!

School is going well, busiest I've been since I got to Clarkson, but it'll all pay off in my exorbitant salary when I reach gainful employment with a CU degree.

Well, there it is, short and sweet. I'll be updating again soon, you should catch it with one of your four daily visits. Until then.....